Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cramer: The rally is just a sham

Oh boy--Look at Cramer who had this to say today:

The smartest person I know came in yesterday and bought a boatload of stock right into the hideous. She blew it all out today into the strength. She told me point blank that the phoniness and the volatility and the lack of any buying but machine and short-covering made the whole rally a gigantic sham.

So the rally is a sham? Because the downgrade is supposed to mean something????

When CSCO rallies on earnings--it means that stocks have gotten too cheap!

So deal with it!!

A sham???

Maybe the bulls just did this to the bears--who still think it is 2008!!

Oh yeah that's right---and that punch was from a girl!

But if he had a hoodie, he'd look like the most famous boxer on Wall Street--Jamie Dimon!

You want a bear market?

Tiger Woods! He shot a 77 at PGA today!

The market will give you a better V than Woods!


Anonymous said...

Hey Palmoni,

What are your thoughts on the MNTL property transactions? Looks like they are getting liquidity and exploration capital commitment, but it feels like a giveaway. Do you see them moving forward now and gaining traction or should I consider this a write off?

Thanks and welcome back!

Unknown said...

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