Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Visa play tomorrow

Here's the playbook on Visa.

Visa beat numbers, and the stock rallies in the afterhours, to 82, and now has sold off to 78. The calls were "pumped" for earnings. Hopefully tomorrow morning, they'll hit the stock and the calls will be crushed.

That's when you pick them up, as they'll move the stock later in the day.

On April 29th, when Visa reported, the stock traded down 4 1/2 points to 71, and the May 85 calls were given away at .25. The stock reversed off the low and closed at the high of the day at $80.88.

I banged the calls out for 5 two days later.

I think you may have another shot tomorrow.

If the stock comes in, take a shot on the calls when they crush the premium. They won't be as cheap, as the stock won't come in as it did in April, but the bears will try.

Make some "manna" from the bears attempt at manipulation to scare the bulls!

That's your Visa play!

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