Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Liquidity is Back! Finally! Bears Squealing!!

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Anonymous said...

The Bears may be squeeling, but not for long. This is a classic bear trap that all the irrationally exuberant bozos on Wall Street are cheerfully walking into (lemmings over the cliff). Just because the Fed can pull some magic levers, and inject "liquidity" (200 billion +) in to the banking stream DOES NOT mean that that is a good thing. The Fed has no money.....get it.....so they manufacture it out of thin air. The Fed Reserve and the U.S. government are running the largest PONZI scheme that ever existed, and every Ponzi scheme ever devised has failed miserably, time and time again. This one will be NO DIFFERENT. The taxpaying citizens of the nation are then forced to back up all that "money" with future wages and tax confiscations. My children and grandchildren will be paying this bill long into the future. God help us all!