Monday, March 3, 2008

CASH or COIN is Money!

And Converted Organics (COIN 14.84) rocketed to another new high. This time, the catalyst was an interview in Barron's with Dennis Gartman.
Here's part of the interview:

All commodity prices are important. You have to know what raw material costs are doing. You may have been able to escape that in the 1990s but you can't now. China's demand for stuff is strong and it's not going away. Gold prices are now on center stage.

The fact that a small commodity market like spring wheat exploded from $3 to more than $17 is important. Wheat is at a premium to soybeans. It's shocking. It was thought such a thing could never, ever happen. However, it did. It shows you the tenuous nature that exists out there in the word of raw material prices -- that which seems to be absolutely laughable and utterly impossible is now a reality.

Now, throw into that the stupidity of the ethanol program. What could be dumber than taking food off the table and putting it in the tank of the car? We've had years of very good weather, and last year for the first time we had the first bad year of weather on a major international crop: the wheat crops around the world. And this is what you ended up with: more than $17 spring wheat. If we have even the slightest problems in the corn areas of the U.S. and Canada, we could have $6 corn swiftly and easily....

On balance we are long "stuff," and short retail. We're long raw materials. We're long Converted Organics....

In closing, I want to leave the public with three thoughts. Cut your losses. Then, secondly it's important after you've cut your losses, to cut your losses. And thirdly it's really important that you cut your losses. Most people cannot do that. Even if they can, they won't. They just won't. They fall in love with their stocks..... I guess the thing we do reasonably well here is we have nothing that we love, and we're frightened of everything.

Gartman has been long gold, the palladium stocks, raw materials and commodities. His acerbic no-nonsense commentary has endeared himself to some of the top financial institutions of the world who subscribe to his daily letter.

And if COIN is good enough for Gartman, it's good enough for some of the elephants in the room.

Anyone remember the 88th top album of all time? It's Johnny Cash at Folsum Prison. And a few weeks back, COIN, delivered the company’s first fully automated, free-standing, organic waste recycling system to Folsom State Prison.

Stock investors probably think it was an auspicious start!

And with guesstimates of earnings of $3.00 a share a couple years out, it could be music to investors ears.

CASH or COIN, it's money!

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