Sunday, June 14, 2020

HGEN's Covid "Cure"

HGEN 4.08, which should easily be in double digits Monday, late after the close Friday released results of the  Mayo Clinic Compassionate use study of Lenzilumab in 12 patients, that had SIGNIFICANT co-morbidities, (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, obstructive lung disease, and kidney and lung disease) with a median time to discharge of 5 days. This data crushed Gilead's Remdesivir's data.

A couple weeks ago Asta Zeneca approached Gilead in a $100 billion takeover...Maybe its bankers should think smaller companies, instead of larger fees but I digress...

There were no treatment-emergent adverse advents, and no mortality in patients with severe and critical COVID-19 pneumonia.

Sometimes, when you want results, like against this "invisible enemy" you need to get people that can get things done. It worked in the "Dirty Dozen" script against the Nazi's in World War II which was Hollywood's version on the so-called suicide mission of the "Filthy Thirteen."  They were paratroopers who went behind enemy lines blowing up a bridge in the Invasion of Normandy and did reconnaissance (spying) before the Battle of The Bulge.

And like the HGEN Covid 12 trial, none of them died.

Only the enemy.


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