Thursday, June 4, 2020

Portnoy--The next Titan on Wall Street


and now


In the pre-market on March 19, 2019 I bought 500 shares of PENN

03/19/2020 09:21:29 Bought 454 PENN @ 4.95 -2,247.30
03/19/2020 09:21:29 Bought 46 PENN @ 4.9 -225.40

But some some stupid suit started selling at the opening--So I bought 400 more

03/19/2020 09:46:00 Bought 200 PENN @ 4.075 -815.00 
03/19/2020 09:46:57 Bought 200 PENN @ 4.1 -820.00 

And then I said to myself--This is the bottom. Let me make it an even 1,000. So I bought another 100

03/19/2020 10:06:34 Bought 100 PENN @ 5.31 -531.00 

Why was it the bottom? Because at a nice bottom, there's competition! And you can't get all you want but just what you need!

So you always have these dreamers that WISH they bought Apple at the bottom, or Facebook after Barron's panned it at 19, or Amazon at 6, or Tesla when Wall Street hated it.

So I bought PENN. At the bottom. It's at 37 and change, and the bears are squawking. Squawk at me when it's 100. Then squawk at me at $200. Portnoy, gives live trading that's real. Not Wall Street bullshit where analysts talk the trading position of the firm and couch their recommendations to screw people. "Stay in your lane, Suit!"

And one day, Portnoy will make an announcement. "I'm worth a billion." He's a hundo. Do the math. With your extra big brain. Doesn't PENN have to get to 300? 

So why would you sell?

But let's look at a suit.

The revered so called "Oracle of Omaha." Sorry but his best days are past. Buffett is more worried about giving money to Planned Parenthood to cull the population, when he is at the culling floor himself. You think he can make any decisions with a clear head when he's sweating the grim reaper and he doesn't have an ally in the White House to bail him out?

Buffett made the single largest best bet ever throwing $36 billion in Apple. So at one time he had big balls. But does anyone remember Buffett puking up the airlines?

Warren Buffett: Why we sold our entire stakes in American, Delta ...

At the virtual annual of Berkshire Hathaway Old Man Buffett was looking worried about Covid, and wearily and haggardly he explained how with $137 billion of cash he didn't buy a share of stock when the market crashed, and SOLD EVERY SHARE OF ALL HIS AIRLINES and puked up Goldman Sachs.

Meanwhile Portnoy was touting SAVE at 7, and NCLH at 10. When SAVE was around 8 "He said he saw this song and dance... If I lose a be it!"  "If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen..with your goody two shoes stocks." 

Go Google it. It was May 7th. He shoved those stocks, at the bottom up Wall Street's lying ass. At the bottom. Let me repeat. He shoved those stocks up Wall Street's ass at the bottom! 

So SAVE is now at 21. NCLH at 19.59. 

And PENN?  $37.37. I think it rips the shorts apart. 55 by the time basketball starts.

Do you need a reason? There's probably 20 million short on PENN, 25 million short on SAVE and 40 million short on NCLH.  Do you really thing these shorts have a chance? Give me a break!
Those shorts are going to get blown up.

Because it's the quarantine market. It goes up and keeps all the so called smart money out. And all the shorts keep shorting thinking the market will collapse. 

The suits, Buffett and shorts are locked out. 

They are quarantined! 

While the so called dumb money Robinhood accounts and the DDTG Portnoy day traders are ripping their heads off. As it should be!

"Stay in your lane, Suit!"