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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jury takes 75 minutes to find UBS banker, Raoul Weil NOT GUILTY!

So what did the Feds charge Weil with?

They charged Weil with helping 20,000 clients to hide $20 billion from the IRS, and they wanted to lock him up for 5 years.

He was indicted in 2008, fired from UBS in 2009, and lost his company in 2013 after being arrested and being held in Broward's hell hole jail.  Now Hollywood will finance his movie deal, because he kept his mouth shut, of which a banker is supposed to do!

Weil's parent company, UBS paid a $780 million fine for money laundering, and the US Government wanted to place the blame on Mr. Weil.

In closing arguments, Weil's attorney said, " This man's life is ruined.  Let's not assassinate him further. Our Government has done that enough."

So the jury took 75 minutes to tell the IRS to go home.

And the jury took 75 minutes to tell Obama's Department of Justice to go home.

And 75 minutes later, he is a free man--and he can go home!.

Well its time for me to go and vote!

And throw some people out.

It's your turn to have your own jury trial at the ballot box!


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