Friday, November 18, 2011

To the Tebow haters: God Bless!!

Darrell Revis of the Jets, said before the game, that "he wasn't concerned about Tebow's legs" and that "the biggest thing for the secondary is for us to not fall asleep." At the end of the game, it was Revis who was sleepwalking in order to avoid a hit!

With a little more than a minute left in the game, Tebow, on a run, instead of stepping out bounds, barrels towards Darrelle Revis, 24, who makes "a business decision" and decides to step away, from getting hit by the Tebow locomotive!  See at 3:46 in the above clip.

After the game, a reporter asked Tebow, "Was there any thought about sliding or stepping out of bounds on that last play?" And his reply, with a laugh was, "No sir. No sir."

But it just wasn't Revis. How about the Jets other defensive back, Antonio Cromartie, 31, freezing in the end zone,  at the end of Tebow's winning TD run? He looked like a deer in the headlights, making "a business decision" like his teammate Revis did!

But it wasn't just the Jets players. How about Hugh Douglas of ESPN? As Tebow ended his presser last night with this: “I probably will tweet [former NFL defensive end] Hugh Douglas because I did hear that he said if we won he was going to church on Sunday. So I’m going to tweet him. He better be in his Sunday best! I hope he can sing praise and worship, too. So we’ll see.”

God Bless!

Tebow polarizing? Last night, after the game, and the 95 yard touchdown drive,, where Tebow walked on water, you couldn't even read the comment boards on ESPN, as the servers weren't fast enough to take all the comments that were furiously coming in!

He's getting some believers. Von Miller, who just had a crazy, great game, had his to say about Tebow:

"I've said it before: I trust him," rookie endbacker Von Miller said. "I trust him with everything. No matter how many interceptions he throws, no matter how many touchdowns he throws, that's Tim Tebow. I'm going to ride with him until the end.

"I hope he shut up a whole bunch of critics today."

Von Miller now puts fear back in the Denver D!

Tebow also had a perfect answer to one of the most most selfish players in the NFL, Michael Irvin, after the game:


How is he polarizing, when you have a Dad's daughter, putting signs like this up at the Bronco games?

Or a bride, Tebowing!

Maybe its just this that polarizes!
God Bless!!

Or this, when Tebow, at the end of the last three Bronco games, takes a knee!

God Bless!!

"Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven."
Matthew 10:32

God Bless!!!


Anonymous said...

DJ Gallo "I am a Tebowist!"

Another ugly performance by Tim Tebow, another victory. Many of us were laughing when he opened the season as Denver's third-string quarterback, but I can't do it anymore. He's won me over. I am now an unabashed Tebowist. And this is what I believe:

I believe there is nothing wrong with having more points than completions. I am a Tebowist.

I enjoy rooting for someone who was drafted in the final round of my fantasy league as a joke. I am a Tebowist.

I like watching someone whose every success is deemed a one-time fluke by the experts, and I like how this happens week after week after week. I am a Tebowist.

I am intrigued listening to a guy whose postgame comments sound scripted and clichéd, yet sincere and impassioned at the same time. I am a Tebowist.

I believe that sometimes the best way to choose a quarterback is not by making an informed decision based on weeks of performance in practice, but by heeding the advice of a billboard alongside Interstate 25. I am a Tebowist.

I enjoy believing in the goodness of someone simply because so many others believe he is too good to be true. I am a Tebowist.

I think it's hilarious that the hottest team in the AFC West is quarterbacked not by a former No. 4 overall pick and three-time Pro Bowler, and not by a former No. 1 overall pick who was acquired for a first- and second-round pick, and not by someone who supposedly had the secrets of football perfection passed down to him by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick ... but by a guy who many think should be a tight end. I am a Tebowist.

I am fascinated by the idea that "intangibles" and "heart" might actually be real things and not just clichés that desperate announcers resort to using when they're out of things to say. I am a Tebowist.

I don't think it's a tragedy that most of the people reading this have a better throwing motion than a starting NFL quarterback. I am a Tebowist.

I like rooting for someone who has legitimate "haters," all of whom despise him for completely irrational reasons. I am a Tebowist.

I am intrigued by someone who, in an age of technology and communication, decided to communicate his beliefs via eye black. I am a Tebowist....

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