Thursday, March 10, 2011

360 degree panoramic view of Wisconsin Capitol protests

Click on the HD version at the link above to really see what is going on.

And the new Secretary of Agriculture--Ben Brancel--whose farm I worked on during college--called the protest a "holocaust."

A senior Wisconsin agriculture official described the weeks of pro-union protests at the state Capitol as a "holocaust" during a speech on Wednesday, before apologizing hours later.
Ben Brancel, the new secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, made his remarks during a speech to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation hours before Republican legislators passed a contentious bill stripping public workers of nearly all their collective bargaining rights.
"They (lawmakers) came to town with a lot of ideas and a lot of concepts they could really work on and then they got stuck in the middle of a holocaust and a horror story that was going on in town," Brancel told the crowd. WKOW-TV first reported about the comments.

He was a douchebag back then, and still is now!