Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Solar election plays

Solar Fun (SOLF 8.24) is down from 20 two months ago. They now have Ernst as Young as an accountant, and in this solar environment, this stock can be a teenager in a few days. Renesola (SOL 7.57) is down the same, but provided guidance yesterday, and this can be a teenager also. Canadian Solar (CSIQ 10.90) was 30 last month, and went up on the Barclays downgrade yesterday. It will be a teenager today, and the way to the age of majority. First Solar, touted by Cramer, as an Obama play, had good earnings, and it's coattails will be as strong as Obama's, as that stock tacked on 70 points the last couple of weeks.

You will have other solar companies reporting in the next week, and you will have people looking at solar plays. You have a week before CSIQ reports, two weeks before SOL, and three weeks before SOLF. LDK reports on the 10th, this number was up 5 yesterday to 22, and SunPower was up 5 to 44 on a headline.

And if your candidate is behind in the polls, then buy these stocks. It will help offset your increased taxes. And you'll at least be able to book your capital gains on them this year!

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