Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change has come to America

Change has come to America. A great concession speech by McCain and an even better acceptance speech Obama. This election was a complete repudiation of the Bush presidency, but it was also about an America that was fed up with the direction this country has taken. And it was also about an America, that the world can now believe in. They can believe in democracy in America.

Overseas, the headlines were, "One Giant Leap for Mankind" and "Mr. President."

Our recession may be deepening, but the enthusiasm for America across the globe took a step forward last night. And we may soon get some help from the media, who will now look to the end of this recession, and may now actually help change perceptions and psychology.

Because that's the change that is easiest.

And in a financial crisis, when you give hope to the bulls, you can overlook the valley, for the mountain tops behind them. And look for something higher.

As Barack said, "America's beacon still burns bright!"

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