Friday, June 6, 2008

Bush on the economy

The White House is still buying DVD's!

Bush had this to say about the increase of the jobless rate of 5.5%:

Bush noted that a surge of young new entrants to the job market contributed to the worse-than-expected new numbers. But, he said, "It's clearly a sign that is consistent with slow economic growth."

Teenagers out of work? Did Bush ever think that the jobs the teenagers wanted are already being taken by more able-bodied workers? Go to a restaurant or a business that needs the temporary help or odd hour jobs that the teenager wants. It's being taken by the guy/gal that needs two jobs to make ends meet.

But you wouldn't expect this logic from government workers. Last month, they estimated that 45,000 new jobs were created in the construction industry!

In Bush year 2004, Joe Sixpack were buying the new releases of DVD's on Tuesday at Best Buy or Circuit City.

The next year they were buying them off eBay.

The next year they were renting them from NetFlix.

The next year they were renting them from NewRelease cubes.

Now in Bush year 2008, Joe and Mary Sixpack are checking the DVD's out at the library, and putting the money they "saved" into their gas tank, so they can get to their second job to make ends meet, that the economists think the teenagers should have!

So if they're still buying DVD's at the White House, don't look for calls of a new stimulus plan to get any traction. They said the first check would be "spent."

It was "spent" but on gas and bills.

And $4 gas?

I'll just let the President opine again!

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