Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Solar stocks are the "1998-99 Internet" stocks

Except that they are cheap on earnings.

Except that supply won't come on board until late 2010.

Except that a kid can't start up a solar company.

Except that Europe and the world gets it, while the US doesn't.

Which will change.

SolarFun (SOLF 25.24) was panned by all the "smart" shorts at 15. After earnings today it could have a 3 handle on that number.

LDK Solar (LDK 41) was also panned when a disgruntled ex employee told every news service that LDK had junk silicon.

LDK raised cash to build their poly plant and to buy back stock and has a ton of long term agreements.

And the stock will punish the shorts, just like SOLF did. The stock can trade in the 60's in a hurry.

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