Friday, May 30, 2008

Piper Jaffray-Cover your solar shorts!

Piper Jaffray notes according to German news agency DPA, and supported by contacts close to the Social Democrat Party, the German Government reached final agreement on feed-in tariff reduction for Solar and Wind at 02.00 AM this morning. They understand that the agreement will be incorporated in the E.E.G bill on Monday by which time the feed-in tariff reduction will be made public. The firm says they also understand that the bill will be voted through parliament as early as Friday next week rather than end of June. They welcome this initiative. The firm says the feed-in tariff reduction is said to be 8% for 2009 (previous 9.1%), 8% for 2010 (previous 7%) and 9% for 2011 and onwards (previous 8%). The firm concludes that further changes are highly unlikely and would recommend investors to buy the sector.

So they sell the solar plays the last few days, and now we buy 'em! Hah!

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