Friday, August 31, 2007

The Market's ether!

It's nice to be right when you're wrong! I thought Ben would cut the Fed funds rate; instead Bush and Ben delivered with their speeches, the market gapped and we pick up 5 smackers apiece on MA and GS. I'll take that any day! They didn't cut, but we still got the move.

But you could of listened to Lehman brothers, who cut MER, BSC, GS and MS yesterday, and at their lows they traded at 71.08, 104.31, 169.79, and 59.55. Their highs today were 74.46, 110.59, 178.10, and 62.87. Could you of made any money doing the opposite of what they said? Of course you could, but you would have to pay for it. That's why I highlighted their nonsense.

Instead, I touted FRE at 60.11, since it was down pi or 3.14 on the day. It added pi at it's high from it's low. Could you have made any money doing what I said? Of course you could, and you wouldn't have to pay for it!

But I probably should of consulted the rabbis instead of the physicists when I was "under the ether." Here's what Ramban Nachmanides had to say in 1250 about Genesis and creation. Ramban said, "The Holy One, blessed be he, created all things from non existence. Now we have no expression in the sacred language of bringing forth something from nothing other than the word bara (created). Instead He brought forth from total and absolute nothing a very thin substance devoid of corporeality but having a power of potency, fit to assume form and to proceed from potentiality into reality. This was the primary matter created by G-d."

We know creation's big bang produced such incomprehensibly powerful pure energy- light rays, gamma rays, X-rays, microwave (all of where time doesn't exist) into matter where time takes hold. Time started in the tiniest fraction of a second after creation, when this pure cosmic energy, cooled and was able to turn into matter. It's as Ramban described. But who wants his description? Wall Street wants formulas, gravitons, mesons and anti-matter, Boltzmann and Planck, with mesons and hadrons and leptons in one grand unified theories, with a dash of quark confinement after the threshold temperature. I prefer the simpler version. It's easier to explain, and I don't have to type the formulas.

And like Michelson, I may have the wrong reason, but I get the right result!

Let there be light!


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