Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Great Scott!

Probably would of thought I'd say "holy Moses" but then I needed a title that you could read between the lines. Especially since yesterday I mentioned Bonds, I'd thought about checking out the "manna" scoreboard today. It's almost like "back to the future." Wait-didn't someone have the sports almanac ahead of time?

So here's the Wall Street scoreboard from the last few days of the stocks mentioned.

NMX, mentioned 121.46, gapped to 125, ended today at 137.25. +12.25 pts.

MA, mentioned with Invictus at 125.88 Monday, ended today at 148.02. +22.14 pts.

WCI at 6, mentioned twice Monday, ended at 9.90. 65%!! in two days.

These oil stocks were mentioned Monday when Oppenheimer's said sell in their "value added research?" call, which I promised we'd check out in a few days. Ouch! Maybe their call wasn't value added?

TSO 43.30, closed at 48.62 +5.32
VLO 60.77, closed at 67.36 +6.59
XOM 81.15, closed at 87.45 +6.30

Great Scott! Who went back to the future and grabbed the Wall Street Journal?

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