Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cramer: No reason to own Netflix

Which means you have to own it!

Come on--the break up fee for AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile is $3 billion and $1 billion of spectrum rights.

So why wouldn't a carrier buy Netflix just to get into streaming? Especially now that its 75% off its high.


Settembrini said...

Cramer touts netflix in the $200 range now says don't buy

Cramer touts Sodastream in the $60 range

Cramer touts WAg when it was above $40-then says don't buy when it went $27

Cramer touted Cisco back at $27

Cramer touts F at $15

Cramer touts BAC at $14.40 now says don't buy

Cramer says buy Hot Topic

Cramer says CANDIES

Cramer says mobile internet Tsunami

Cramer says C at $4.87($48.70) is 'mouthwatering" at $23 and now0don't buy--Of, course C going to $12($120.00) by 2012 but now not going back to $30

Cramer sez sez cramer sez who gives a flying duck what Cramer sez

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