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Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Christmas Windows at Galeries Lafayette, Paris

The most famous window in the world of the most beautiful woman in the world.

The most luminous point of the Mona Lisa is it's heart, and it's also the center of the composition.

The thin brush strokes don't even show up on X-rays. The building up of thin layers of paint, gives it it's luminescence.

Some say she is the Madonna. Is Mona just a contraction of Madonna (mia donna)? To some and to others, but to me, she will always be Li Na. The most beautiful woman in the world.

The fashion center of the world is Galeries Lafayette in Paris. They have the most beautiful Christmas windows in the world.

Louis Vuitton this Christmas Season, made a little purse, inspired by the windows of Galeries, Lafayette in Paris. So if you can't get to Paris, with the Mona Lisa, I suppose you can get this.
It's only $365, so you have 365 days to promise Paris.

With your Mona Lisa, Li Na.


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